Digital Marketing & Data Intelligence Services

User Stream is a digital marketing and data consultancy run by Tom Birmingham (18 years digital experience with global brands) that propels teams and businesses to achieve defined goals.

By relentlessly pursuing knowledge and deeper insight — analysing and operationalising data — we help clients make optimal digital investments.

Recent wins include:

  • 4x revenue and improving profit margin by 8% absolute in 2 years for a UK e-commerce brand
  • Increasing revenue 3x, decreasing CPA by 50% in 4 months for a global B2C SaaS company
  • 100%+ back-to-back YoY growth for another B2B SaaS company
  • $100m+ exit in 1.5 years for B2C entertainment app
  • Creating growth trajectories for $60m Series A-C rounds
  • Providing data points for informed investment decisions (or making those decisions)

From multi-generational family businesses, to the world’s fastest growing companies – every day plays a note across marketing, data, product, commercial, technology, team, process, structure and chaos.

We’re available to work on projects immediately. Book a time to chat through your goals.